Today was day 1 of 2 for Tom Dearing, Julius Albonetti, and Mark Rouse. Mr. Tom had this trip booked for two years and we’ve had to reschedule 3 times. Finally, he was able to make the trip down from Houston for a fresh look at some new scenery. The guys wanted trout first thing so we hit the lakes in search of birds. There weren’t many working so we starting hitting some oyster reefs. The only thing that worked today was bouncing those reefs. Lots of small trout but there were times when we got on all keepers. The fishing down here is very unusual this month as far as historical catches go. Normally we are catching tons of redfish and very few trout in September. It is the exact opposite here now and I’m all for it. No telling what will happen in October but my guess is the redfish will be showing up in full force by then along with plenty more and bigger trout. Standby for more reports coming this weekend.

Capt. Rob Dupont
Impulse Fishing Charters