If you checked the weather on Tuesday this week, you saw that today was supposed to be horrific. Throughout the week the forecast changed constantly and was all over the board. From 80% rain then to 0%, 20%, and finally settled on 40% for the southern end of Terrebonne Parish. Winds were also from one extreme to another going from 20-25 knots to ultimately 5-10 knots. My crew was skeptical at best and changed their minds several times before finally saying to hell with the forecast, let’s fish. And that we did. At our first stop that 40% chance of rain became 100% and donning our foul weather gear, we stuck it out and caught 9 reds through the downpour. The weather cleared and the fishing continued. Stop 2 produced 3 more reds with shrimp under the 4 Horsemen cork. And finally, stop number 3 payed off with 8 rat reds topping off the limit. All redfish caught on dead shrimp and the 3 bonus trout on Matrix Shad Green Hornet.

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