Today I had good customer Spencer Trahan and his buddies Jay and Randy. With the wind coming out of the north (the weather guessers called it a cool front in July LOL) we headed for northern shorelines that would be protected. We found plenty of bait and good moving water but for some reason the reds had lockjaw! Using the Four Horsemen Corks with dead shrimp we tricked several fish early on into feeding. Much of the morning was spent continuously bombing shorelines with not much to show. Then, around 11:30 I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled one out. Like magic, the reds began feeding furiously! Although it was getting late, me and the guys pounced all over them putting their limit of 15 in the big KYSEK Ice Chest! Great folks and great times were had by all! Enjoyed it guys and look forward to the next one!

Capt. Rob Dupont