Usually by this time of year we have already begun hammering the trout and the weather is near perfect with a few cool fronts coming through. It’s the exact opposite for the beginning of October thus far. Soaring temperatures and speckled trout scattered about in very low numbers. But the redfish are here and hungry! I had Brandon Opie and his dad, and friend Dennis for the last 3 days. The first day the pressure was on to find fish for the week. We hit some local honey holes and fished hard all day and were rewarded with 20 reds. Day 2 the pressure was off! We knew where to go the next day and started off pretty good hooking into some quality slot reds. The bite fizzled out mid morning and we went on the hunt. We never really hammered them anywhere on day 2 but fished hard again and put a pile of 15 together. Day 3 all we knew was where not to go, and that was just about every place we caught fish the previous two days that were not producing any longer. So, we took a ride and it was a long and dry one. With 3 reds and 3 trout in the box at 11:30, I knew we had to think outside the box. I had a hunch about an old spot I knew of and decided to gamble. We made the long run again and the hail mary paid off. We went from 3 reds to 19 in about 30 minutes. All of a sudden the bite subsided and we needed one more fish. Nearly another hour and couldn’t get a bite. Finally, in the bottom of the 9th, we hammered the last one and took it to the dock! My guys are going home with 55 reds, 8 black drum, and 3 trout. What an incredible week so far! Big thanks to Capt. T Miller for the trip! Most fish this week have been caught on bait shrimp under the Four Horsemen cork!

Capt. Rob


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