Cocodrie Fishing Charters

Cocodrie is a fishing, shrimping and crabbing village in Terrebonne Parish. It is the heart of Louisiana fishing. Impulse Fishing Charters dedicates its time to fishing these waters all year long. We offer full day charters at affordable rates, and can even accommodate up to 16 anglers with our multi-boat fishing charter options.


Whether professional or novice, friends or family – We invite everyone to come and see what kind of spectacular fishing can be had in our local waters here. From marsh fishing to grass flats, Cocodrie is truly a world class inshore fishery.


Cocodrie offers you action-packed fishing for redfish, seatrout, black drum, and sheepshead. We use artificial and live baits and can accommodate fly fisherman as well.


Redfish in Cocodrie


We know that one of the biggest requests we receive from traveling anglers here in Louisiana is an opportunity to catch the famous Bull Red. Cocodrie is home to an active Bull redfish population (a “bull” red is officially a redfish over 27 inches), and these guys can reach into the 35+” range during certain times of the year.

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Cocodrie Fishing
Cocodrie Fishing

Redfish in Cocodrie

Cocodrie is home to a highly active year-round redfish fishery. Massive schools of bull red’s can also be found traveling this coast. Your limit is 5 per angler, and we also offer catch and release trips.

Cocodrie Fishing

Family Fun in Cocodrie

For the family looking for something fun and memorable to do in Cocodrie, Louisianna – not much will beat a family fun day on the water fishing and exploring the coastal waters here. Create lifetime memories with Impulse Fishing Charters.

Cocodrie Fishing

Fill the Cooler

Many of our guests like to take fresh fish home from their fishing trip with us. Louisianna as generous bag limits and leaving with a supply of fish is a definite option. We recommend bringing a cooler and bags for transporting home.

Cocodrie Fishing

Cocodrie Fishing Diversity

We talk a lot about redfish here and that’s not by accident –  we have a world-renowned redfish fishery. However, we are home to massive populations of sea trout, aggressive black drum, sheepshead, and flounder.

Latest Fishing Reports

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Many of my customers are asking the question; where are the trout? The short answer is they are not where they are supposed to be this time of year in large numbers. The long answer has been boggling the minds of most folks including myself...

Hot Redfishing in October!

October so far remains hotter than hell! Both temperature and fishing! We have yet to have a good cool front but the red fishing is just absolutely nuts right now! Known as one of the best months in Louisiana to fish for redfish, October is...

October Kicks Off With a Bang!

Usually by this time of year we have already begun hammering the trout and the weather is near perfect with a few cool fronts coming through. It’s the exact opposite for the beginning of October thus far. Soaring temperatures and speckled trout

End of September Report

Hopefully, this will be the last report without a speckled trout. I’m off the rest of the week and headed to Chandeleur Island on Thursday – Sunday with some friends on DMJ Charters! Hoping to catch some hammer specks there! August and Se

Cocodrie Fishing Charters

Cocodrie, Louisiana Fishing Trips

This area in Louisianna is definitely a year-round fishery and making plans to visit here can be done during certain peak months for a specific bucket list species, or as part of a vacation that you may take during any time of year. In both cases, Cocodrie will deliver.


When to Catch..?


Redfish – Available all year with peak months in August and September. For Bull Red’s the same two peak months offer great opportunities, but you can also add February through April as target dates.


Seatrout – April through July and October through December are great months for these.


Sheepshead – Your best bets are December through February.


Black Drum – All year


Flounder – Fall is flounder-fishing time

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