Many of my customers are asking the question; where are the trout? The short answer is they are not where they are supposed to be this time of year in large numbers. The long answer has been boggling the minds of most folks including myself that fish the coastal waters of South Louisiana. There is speculation that the speckled trout population suffered a huge loss in the harsh winter of 2018. There is also reports of a red tide fish kill also in late winter this year. For the past 23 years that I have been fishing the Dularge area, I can’t recall a trout year as bad as 2018. Perhaps it’s mother nature’s way of ‘rebooting’ the population. Or perhaps the trout were overfished last year. I personally don’t believe that rod and reel can significantly damage a fish population of any species, but I am not a scientist. In fact, our scientists believe the population is in ‘normal’ health, whatever that means. I haven’t seen any clear research indicating such facts at any point in 2018. With each passing cold front, I am anticipating the trout numbers to increase in the lakes and bays of the Dularge area. Only time will tell! Until then, we are hammering the redfish until that happens!

Friday and Saturday I had Mike Lynch and his dad Pat Lynch, along with good friend Sean Connolly. The guys came in from Minnesota to experience South Louisiana fishing for the first time in their lives. We fished hard, laughed hard, and the guys took in the sights, sounds, and images of the marsh. Mike has fished with me before and caught reds, but his dad and Sean had never caught a redfish before. Less than an hour into the trip on Friday, we made that happen! With the pressure off, we just fished the rest of the day. We never got on a good bite, but it was an average good day of fishing in Dularge.

On Saturday, our plan was to do the redfish thing and I did my best to get the guys on good numbers. It was a slow morning with a few fish feeding here and there. Then around noon the bite erupted and the reds went into a frenzy! It was triple hook-ups until the cooler was full of reds! That was the icing on the cake to a perfect trip for the northerners! The guys thoroughly enjoyed their two days down here and had a great experience with great fishing, great food, and fun! Thanks again fellas for the comradery, laughs, and catching!

Capt. Rob


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