Everything fell into place today and it was one of those trips that everyone dreams about; the kind of trip that goes down as one of the best in the history books. An early departure from the Reel Inn began the search for speckled trout with a great group of guys in town for a bachelor party. Once we were on location we had a brief instruction period where I demonstrated proper casting and presentation techniques and while doing so the first trout of the day was on the one of the lines before we could even see good. The rest is history as the guys caught on quickly and slayed the trout before 8:00. When the smoke cleared we had 75 in the KYSEK cooler. The only lure needed today was the one and only Matrix Shad tightlined and two feet under a cork. The best color today was the brand new Holy Joely. This new color has a slight pink hue with minimal blue flake. It is quite different from all the rest and the trout seem to love it. Coming in second and third was glow and shrimp creole as they were responsible for some damage as well.  The rest of the morning we poked around picking off fish here and there but the hot bite was not to be had again. We shut it down around noon with 83 trout and 1 bass. Big thanks to Capt. Austin Lacour for setting up the trip and Capt. T Miller helping out as well. The guys are happy as can be and have a long night ahead of them at The Reel Inn I am sure. LOL. Be safe guys!


Capt. Rob Dupont
Impulse Fishing Charters
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