Yet another forecast was blown today as the weather guessers missed it by a mile. All weather sites indicated a beautifully calm Saturday morning on the water but it was quite the opposite. My plan took a dive as soon as I hit Terrebonne bay and felt the rough chop before daylight. As the sun tried to come up we were greeted with gray skies and blustery conditions. The first two stops were not in my original plan and we came up empty. The next spot began to pay off on the first cast. We were in the trout pretty thick and the boys were slinging them in the Blue Wave. The biggest problem was the selection of size we had. Only one in 3-4 fish would keep. We did a lot of catching in that spot and probably threw back more than we kept which was around 40. There was a load of white trout mixed in too. All fish today came on double rigged artificial lures. I opted out of buying shrimp today as no one was open when I got to Cocodrie. After around 8:30 not much else was caught. I think the early bite was due to the full moon but there sure wasn’t much tide to speak of either. All in all, a solid day for the crew as they went home with plenty of meat. We even caught a bull red on a bare hook with no bait. Imagine that.

Capt. Rob Dupont
Impulse Fishing Charters
Instagram @impulsefishing

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