Thursday and Friday I had Ken Kendrick and his son Will down from Seattle WA. Thursday’s wind forecast was terrible but we toughed it out and glad we did. Even with winds of 20 mph and a rough ride to the fishing grounds, the big bulls cooperated. Drum and reds were in a feeding frenzy and almost every bait crab ended up in the throat of one. Ken and Will went through about 3 dozen crabs to catch and release 40-50 bulls. They didn’t plan on bringing any fish home with them so it was a low pressure trip anyway. The guys had fun fighting all those fish. Friday the wind was actually calm but the fish were locked up for some reason. I don’t know what the deal was because everything was right but for most of the morning nothing was biting. At our last stop of the day all of that changed. We found a hot bite around 1:00 with bull reds and bull drum frenzied up again, many miles from where we caught the day before. We had the big ones pulling drag until we ran out of bait. Glad to have the guys experience such great fishing as they have never done before in Louisiana!

On Saturday I had a gang for Capt. Travis Miller and the forecast predicted 20-25 knot winds. They knew the challenges but insisted on fishing anyway. The actual winds were 30-35 knots and we worked hard to find places that were protected and holding fish. Casting into the wind was difficult for my guys so it was hard to get baits in the right places. We had quite a few opportunities to land redfish but many were missed or lost at the boat. At the end of the day when you see a dock shot of fish you only see the ones that made it in the boat and mostly never hear about the perils of lost fish. It’s unfortunate but that is fishing and not catching! My customers, however, were grateful for my efforts at persevering through the challenges and giving 110%!

Capt. Rob Dupont


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