Seatrout Fishing Louisiana


Seatrout are a Cajun fish, it’s undeniable, some even believe these fish, like the alligators, respond to Creole.


Louisiana is a fishing wonderland and Sea trout is the region’s most popular catch! Louisiana is a land of unique culture, so much so that the region is home to its own form of Pidgin English, Creole. In this untouched land, the Marsh collides with the ocean and alligators stalk their prey.


Sea trout aren’t known as the heftiest fish, they rarely reach over 10 pounds, however, they fight great and have been known to take the lure from the line. Moreover, Southern Louisiana offers a holistic approach to reeling-in Seatrout. Although plastic lures and flies attract this speckled fish, locally trapped live bait is also highly effective, and the best bait is caught along Louisiana’s marshland. Live Shrimp, menhaden and small crab readily attract this snaggle-toothed species.

An angler holding up a sea trout caught in Houma

Seatrout dwell among Louisiana’s coastal estuaries. The Mississippi Delta is among the region’s best Seatrout fishing grounds. Even at its murkiest, the delta is abundant with Seatrout.


Calcasieu is one top destination for reeling-in Seatrout. This body of water conceals countless fish – there’s a great likelihood that a record size catch lurks in Calcasieu. On average, anglers reel-in 5-8 pound fish along these brackish waters. However, many believe that the next record catch hides along this ship channel. The numerous oyster bars promote semi-unrestricted growth.


Louisiana is the topmost fishing destination, especially for those who want to reel-in Seatrout! Moreover, the region’s unique culture and fauna are enlightening – acquire a Creole accent, reel-in a Seatrout and dance in the streets of New Orleans to jazz! Louisiana is one of the few places to catch a glimpse of an alligator while reeling-in Seatrout.

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