I knew we had a couple hours of good fishing this morning with the pressure dropping before the passage of the front. Not that it was a strong cold front but it would be enough to shut the bite down. At daylight the rat reds ate up the Matrix Shad green hornet and even caught a really nice 27″ one plus a couple bass. About 30 minutes after daylight the trout started nibbling. I was barely feeling the sniffs at first then the bites got harder. Soon enough they were thumping the green hornet tightlined in the current. I was basically keeping the bait tight and slowly reeling at first then figured out they wanted it reeled rather fast. This is not a normal retrieve for me this time of year but that’s what it took to catch ’em. My customer Mr. Jack Whitehead came to catch enough fish for him and his family to eat. At number 26 we called it a day and headed for the dock before the front line blew over us.

Capt. Rob Dupont
Impulse Fishing Charters
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