I had a two day trip planned that was supposed to begin on Friday. Friday ended up getting rained out so we started Saturday after the rain subsided around 9:00. I had 4 guys on board and the wind was howling at about 20 mph and the temperature was a crispy 45 degrees. I didn’t have high expectations for catching considering the conditions but we thankfully ended up finding a decent bite. We fished a protected shoreline with shrimp under a cork and put together a nice box of redfish and one drum. The reds were feeding on pogie on the falling tide and when the tide switched it was over. Sunday we thought if we arrived on the scene earlier we may catch more of the bite. Instead the tide was screaming out so hard it was just impossible to fish. We switched to plan B with gold spoons in the marsh and connected with 5 reds until the guys called it a day at 10:00 to get back to the nest.

The weather for next weekend looks great and I have Friday and Saturday available!

Capt. Rob Dupont



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