Imagine the Fun They Were Having Catching These Fish — Redfish Surprise Customers in Dularge

Customers fishing with Capt. Rob this last month have all but freaked out when witnessing the amazing redfish bite going on right now as well as the fighting power of these fish on light tackle. Some of the phrases heard on the boat go like this… “This is unbelievable! I’ve never seen ’em bite every cast! Does this always happen?”,  or “I got another one!”, and “Get the net!” Judy Carter of Petal, MS says “I really had one of the best fishing trips of my life down here. Capt. Rob took us to a spot where the fish just kept biting. I couldn’t believe it. Every time I dropped my bait down I immediately hooked a redfish. We had our limit in 30 minutes”. Robert Leblanc of A-1 Ice said, “We all had a great time and Rob Dupont is a class act”

Limits of redfish have been hitting the dock for two months since the annual run began. Capt. Rob says this run is not going to last much longer, but there is still time. “Many of these trips we’ve had to wait on the tide to get right as these reds have been really particular lately. If the current is moving too slow or too fast, they won’t bite. It had to be just right. I expect this to remain the same until the first real cold front.”

But have no fear, the good captain has plenty of open days available to book. He says, “My weekends are slammed up through November, but the fishing is better during the week anyway. There is much less pressure on the fish and fewer people fishing.” On his website, Capt. Rob has a complete online reservation system with real time availability. He can also be reached here:


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