Wisconsin Does Louisiana


— Eric and Sandy Haberichter left Wisconsin on Tuesday and began their trek down to Louisiana, despite the challenging conditions we would be facing on Thursday. With them were their two boys Hunter and Hayden who have never caught a Louisiana bull red. The forecast called for 20-25 mph out of the southeast but only 30% chance of rain. I was doubtful we would find anything willing to feed and up until 2:00 I had clean ice. A normal day on the water for me is 6:00-2:00. With the smell of a skunk lingering, I pressed onward after I had covered nearly every spot I knew about in lower Terrebonne Parish. I figured if every one of my plans had failed so far, the only choice was to start over from the beginning. The first spot we fished on this morning I could see the bulls stacked up on top of each other on the sonar. The current was moving too fast for my liking but I had 2 oz. of lead on the bottom along with fresh whole crabs. The fish just weren’t eating. Anyhow, we were now back at that spot but the current had weakened just enough. I set out 4 lines and hoped at least a drum would bite. It is now 2:30 and with just enough faith, a line goes off. First fish of the day was boatside and in the net. An enormous sigh of relief!!! The fish were finally chewing and the lines kept going off one after another. The crew got excited real quickly!!! When the smoke cleared everyone got to fight a bull red and we came home happy. Patience and persistence always pays off!

Capt. Rob Dupont
Impulse Fishing Charters
Instagram @impulsefishing

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