Insane Redfish Bite

We finally get some relief from the high river a12654505_10207851632585078_8289942274333632116_nnd then the north wind blows all the water out. Some may see this negatively but I see it as an opportunity. With every extreme low tide those reds come out of hiding in the marsh and gang up in the main bayous. The trick is to find them, but when you do it is game on. My crew on Wednesday were surprisingly not in town for Mardi Gras, but here to jerk faces off of fish. Our first stop we found 51 degree water so trout catching was out of the question. I was counting on the redfish to bite at this temperature anyway but they weren’t in the neighborhood. I had a plan and I knew I would eventually run into a pile of redfish on this day. The marsh showed it’s mud banks as the combination of a previous 30 mph wind and a hard falling tide. Spot number 3 struck red and gold! They were there and they were thick! Found a constricted area of the marsh where the duck ponds were emptying out into the main bayou and these fish were going nuts! Absolutely nuts I tell you! In about 30 minutes we had our 25. A great time with some great folks!

Capt. Rob Dupont
Impulse Fishing Charters
Instagram @impulsefishing

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