Louisiana Fishing Charters with Capt. Rob Dupont

Captain Rob Dupont here at Impulse Fishing Charters is your local guide to the Louisiana inshore fishery. Utilizing the best in tackle and offering the best in local fishing knowledge are the ingredients to one of the best charter options in the state. We utilize multiple boats and Captains for large parties, as well as cater to sight fisherman looking for their hot at a Louisiana redfish pushing the flats or cruising the marsh grass.

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Louisiana Inshore Fishing

We specialize in inshore fishing here in the louisiana marsh. Targeting Specks and Bull Red’s in the marsh and coastal waterways off the southern Louisiana coast. Impulse Fishing Charters gets you on the fish!

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Louisiana Inshore Fishing Charters

Areas Served

Impulse Fishing Charters offers the best in Louisiana marsh grass fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish. We operate out of the Southern coast of the state in the areas of Theriot, Dularge, & Cocodrie.

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Redfish Fishing

Redfish Fishing Charters

When it comes to Louisiana and Redfish, we are a worldwide favorite for skinny water Bull Red’s. Capt. Rob Dupont will get you back in the marsh on his 300HP Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay fishing boat. Red’s are our business!

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Louisiana Fishing

Louisiana fishing is truly wrapped around our inshore saltwater fishery. Anglers worldwide congregate here for their shots at some of the biggest redfish in the Unites States. However, Louisiana is also home to sea trout, sheepshead, black drum, flounder, and so much more.


We have both expansive grass flats and a marsh grass fishery available here. The marsh grass is a local favorite, and a great fishing trip for anyone looking to connect with the world around them as much as their next Louisiana fish.


Impulse Fishing Charters utilizes light tackle and both artificial lures and live bait. Depending on your fishing style, we can cater a trip to meet your needs. This can be catch and release sight fishing, or a freezer filling adventure with enough fish for the entire family.


Whether you are a family looking for a fun filled day of connecting on the water, or a pro angler looking for their shot at a Louisiana bull red – Impulse Fishing Charters is your go to source.

Two fisherman holding fresh caught louisiana redfish


Capt. Rob Dupont has been fishing the coastal Louisiana marshes and offshore waters of lower Terrebonne Parish for nearly 20 years. His extensive knowledge of the Bayou Dularge and Cocodrie area along with consistently finding fish allows his customers to be confident they will enjoy their charters. His personality and hospitality keeps everyone coming back!

Capt. Rob will make sure you have the most memorable and quality experience available in South Louisiana!

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Louisiana Marsh Fishing

For a lot of our visitors who come to Louisiana for the inshore fishing experience, fishing the marsh grass is usually the first thing on their mind. This is for good reason, the marshland waterways here in the Louisiana backcountry offer anglers the chance to sight fish for bull redfish, catch a limit of trout, or get chances at a plethora of other species, such as Black Drum. It is a unique fishery, and the marsh is a staple of fishing here.

Wildlife of the Inshore

Aside from monstrous and aggressive redfish that are found here, a plethora of wildlife can also be found in the mix. There is an assortment of wading birds here, and this can even include the rarity of spotting rosette spoonbills for instance. Another not so often seen visitor in the salty backcountry is the american alligator. But don’t worry, you’ll be safely aboard the boat and too busy with screaming drags to make any real concern of it.

Louisiana fishing for bull redfish
Louisiana fishing for sea trout
Louisiana fishing for black drum

La. Fishing Charters

Louisiana fishing charters offers visitors and residents alike the opportunity to fish some of the most productive fisheries in the southern United States. Impulse Fishing Charters offers La. fishing charters in our state’s inshore saltwater fishery. We specialize in shallow water fishing for redfish and seatrout, but offer many excursions to create a customized trip for those wishing to do so.


Here in the inshore waters our anglers can expect fishing journeys into our famous marsh grass fishery. It is here where Louisiana gets one of its most famous fishing trips, sight fishing for bull reds. In these grassy waterways anglers can fsh from the bow of the boat while silently stalking tailing red’s.

Moving out of the grass and into the inshore open areas, anglers can again expect red’s.but also get great opportunities for sea trout. As a matter pf fact, limiting out on sea trout is a common occurance here.


But Louisiana inshore fishing isn’t all just awesome redfish and sea trout fishing, we also regularly catch black drum, sheepshead, flounder, and much more. We also have access to numerous boats and captains for those wishing to make their fishing journey here a group one. We can also fish live and artificial baits, as well as accommodate fly fisherman.